Zurich Songwriters Showcase I

American Women's Club of Zurich, Hoeschgasse 38, Zurich

The first acoustic ZURICH SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE features Ben Inteso and Christine Grimm. Doors open at 7pm. Ticket cost of CHF 15 includes refreshments during the break. Advance ticket purchase here. Californian singer/songwriter/guitarist Christine Grimm will present the first Zurich Songwriters Showcase together with German singer/songwriter/pianist Ben Inteso on Saturday, May 11. Based in Zurich, the two met in 2015 at a workshop of the Zurich Songwriters – a MeetUp group organized by Christine Grimm with American lyricist Kate Northrop in 2014. Its Songwriter Circle has met regularly since then to provide songwriters, lyricists, and composers with supportive feedback. As a member of the American Women’s Club of Zurich (AWCZ), Christine Grimm is presenting the concert at its Hoeschgasse 38 location in Zurich 8008 (near the tram 2 and 4 stop). Tickets cost CHF 15 and will be available at the door starting at 7pm. There is limited seating and the concert will begin at 7:30pm, so Swiss punctuality is recommended. Ben Inteso (39) from Bielefeld writes in the pop genre with dreamy musical landscapes and solid hooks hinting at the 70s and 80s. Currently a resident of Zurich, his many years of living in English-speaking countries have promoted his ability to write poignant and humorous lyrics. Fan favorites include the quirky “Tea Dance” and hilarious “Naked Neighbor,” written with Eric Lears of his previous Bowtie duo. His Wave in Me CD can be found at, which also sells advance tickets for the showcase concert. While living in Santa Barbara/CA, Christine Grimm produced her No Time to Be Blue CD and received this review: “Imbued with passion, personal appeal, humor and life, Grimm is a highly entertaining figure both on stage and on CD. Her latest release... uses pop, folk, rock and blues as backdrops for her intricate and subtle story songs.” With the exception of “The Vegetable Man,” she will perform songs written since she moved to Switzerland in 2015. Her offers more information and earlier songs. The two individual solo sets will be followed by a joint program of the songwriters accompanying each other to create a colorfully diverse palette of music. They are offering refreshments (included in the admission) during the break between the two parts of the showcase. The program will be in English, but a limited knowledge of it shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying the evening since music is a universal language.

CHF 15