Sound Healing Webinar on Zoom

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Sound Therapist Christine M. Grimm, MFA

Would you like to learn more about the healing use of singing bowls, instruments, tuning forks, and your voice? Here is an overview of the 4 webinars, which you can book as a series for CHF 100 or individually for CHF 30/each:

1 - Introduction to Vibratuning Sound Healing (4/13/2021 & 5/11/2021)

2 - Sound Healing with Your Voice (4/20/2021 & 5/18/2021)

3 - Sound Healing with Singing Bowls & Instruments (4/27/2021 & 5/25/2021)

4 - Sound Healing with Tuning Forks (5/4/2021 & 6/1/2021)

Requirements: You don’t need to be a singer, musician, or practitioner to do this course, but it will increase your understanding of the relationship between sound, music, and healing. You also don’t need to believe in a particular philosophy: The theory of the 7 chakras and 5 elements are mentioned in correlation with the notes so that you can see how they correspond with each other. You can also just focus on the musical aspects and still benefit from this approach. I’ve developed my Vibratuning method of sound and voice therapy over more than 20 years of practice. I hope that this course will be an enjoyable guide on your path of personal, musical, and vocal development.

Benefits: Learn more about the healing possibilities of your own voice, including overtone and undertone singing. Develop your intuition and learn to use voice analysis as a tool for healing. Expand your knowledge of basic music theory as it applies to sound healing. Discover how to release excessive notes (frequencies) and strengthen weak ones to bring yourself into greater balance.

Registration: Please send an email to Payment options are Twint, Paypal, or bank transfer. Maximum of 8 participants.

Also offered in German on Thursdays as the Klangheilung Webinare.