Toning Circle - Wellness with Breath & Voice

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Vibratuning Practice, Praxis at Nordstrasse 155, Zurich Wipkingen, Switzerland

The monthly Toning Circle offers wellness with your breath and voice so you can find more harmony within yourself. The goal is to release tensions and create healing overtones. The circle starts with the setting of intentions and checking breathing. This is followed by gentle voice exercises, then toning (sing the vowel sounds) the 12 notes from C to C on special harmonic frequencies (A=424 Hz) in a circle. If you like, you can stand in the middle so that the group can tone directly into your body. We'll also play with harmonies and improvised singing. No previous experience is necessary! Cost is CHF 35 in advance with Twint or Paypal or CHF 40 at the door if there's space (max. of 4 participants). More info at Also offered in German once every month.