1. Vegetable Man

Recorded with Jack Lee on my "No Time to Be Blue" CD in Santa Barbara, CA.


This song is a Top 20 Finalist of the 2009 Unisong Acoustic/Folk Contest!


At the farmer's market there's a man I always see
With a sparkle in his blue eyes as he passes me
We talk about the broccoli, the asparagus, and cherries
We smell the lavender and squeeze the berries
Has it that he's rich
The best bachelor in the land
And every girl in town
Wants to see him at the stand
But he always smiles at me
With tomatoes in his hand
He's my vegetable man
He's my vegetable man
Conversations between lemons and bananas
For all the green leafy vegetables to hear
Every red beet knows things are getting steamy
When he shows his zucchini to me
The next time and I see him and his sexy appeal
I’ll look right into his eyes and show him how I feel
Maybe he'll invite me for a salad or a stew
Or we could turn vegetables into pure juice
Ooo, he’s my vegetable man
Ooo, I wanna tease my vegetable man
Ooo, Squeeze my vegetable man
Ooo, Please my vegetable man
Ooo, He’s my vegetable man.

© 2008 by C.M. Grimm
All rights reserved