He drove me to the Albuquerque airport
He unloaded my suitcase and guitar
The air was hot and shaky
So was the feeling in my heart
One year I spent on the mountain
Walking on fire in the night
In the light I lived alone there
Now it was time to say goodbye:
One last kiss and then he asked me
When will you come back to Santa Fe?
To the mountains and the desert
The beauty of the breaking day
Come back to Santa Fe
To the spirit in the sky
Come back to Santa Fe
And the love you left behind
Didn't know when I bought the ticket
That I would meet a man like him
I had hoped to make my home there
But the chances got so slim
So I packed all my belongings
Sent them off to worlds I had known
When I left go of my hopes and fears
I was no longer alone:
Come back to Santa Fe
Come back to Santa Fe

© 2008 by C.M. Grimm
All rights reserved