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I am available to write lyrics for your music, translate German lyrics into English, correct/polish lyrics, or write an entire song for you. I also coach singers in their pronunciation of English and coach songwriters in achieving their best work. Fee depends on location (Skype or Zurich,Switzerland).

My hourly rate is E/CHF/$100 for lyric translations and corrections (minimum of 1 hour). Translations must include rights. Original work is offered without a fee but with an advance on royalties. Please…

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For a sample translation and terms, contact Christina.Grimm (a) 

Some of my original lyrics are below, as well as on the Music page (just click on the song title). I also offer songwriting classes in English or German. See the Calendar or inquire about the possibility of a workshop at your location (Europe only).

I have taken courses or workshops with the following songwriters: Jeff Barry, Severin Browne, Chuck Cannon, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Kenny Edwards, Dick Grove, Buddy Kaye, Dale LaDuke, Pete…

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See an old bottle glistening in the sand
Open it and rub it with your hand
A lovely genie appears in front of you
Ready to make all your dreams come true

Your genie won't go back in the bottle
In the bottle no more
She wants to be free is her new motto
She won't go back in the bottle no more
She won't go back in the bottle no more

You take her home to be your wife
Use her magic to give you a good life
She knows you need to be in control
But now she questions your master role


Now your genie has a…

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It wasn't meant to be this way
I never planned to love you that day
But some kind of magic draws me to you
And you say that you feel it too

I hold you in my heart
Love you with my soul
Though I knew from the start
That you have to go
You have to go

Just a single note and not a song
But the connection feels so strong
You can't help but throw your arms around me
I feel our hearts touch beyond our bodies


Sound of your voice makes me tingle inside
Every moment with you feels so right
But your heart isn't…

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You say I'm so strong that I frighten you
You look for weakness in everything I do
You want me to beg so you can lend a hand
But there's no need to test me 'cause I am not a man

I'm fragile like a wave
That's about to break
Fragile like an avalanche
That has found its way
Fragile like a star
That's about to fall
Fragile like a fire
That burns from dusk to dawn
I'm fragile, fragile, fragile

You think I'm not special 'cause I'm just a girl
You believe you're better than most people in the world
But I'm the one who…

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