You say I'm so strong that I frighten you
You look for weakness in everything I do
You want me to beg so you can lend a hand
But there's no need to test me 'cause I am not a man

I'm fragile like a wave
That's about to break
Fragile like an avalanche
That has found its way
Fragile like a star
That's about to fall
Fragile like a fire
That burns from dusk to dawn
I'm fragile, fragile, fragile

You think I'm not special 'cause I'm just a girl
You believe you're better than most people in the world
But I'm the one who cares and loves endlessly
I'm a woman like your mother and you must respect me


At the end of the day when you say your prayers
You forget to mention me 'cause I am everywhere
I'm the whisper in the trees, the rushing of the stream
I'm the Earth, your mother, and you must protect me


Fragile, fragile, fragile

(c)2018 by C.M. Grimm
All rights reserved